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CDR Technical Services now offer an extensive range of versatile Unitrol 7000 series gas valves for heating and commercial catering applications. This range of gas valves are designed to provide a permanent pilot burner and regulated control of the gas flow to the main burners. 

The Unitrol 7000 series incorporates a rotary gas cock, flame supervision device working in conjunction with a permanent pilot, governor (when specified) and ON/OFF control.  

The main gas flow is controlled a number of options such as an electric operator (24V or 240V), a Thermopile generator  or by incorporating a gas Thermostat.  

The Unitrol 7000 gas valve range are fully approval to CE, UL,CSA certification.

Typical Range of Unitrol 7000 series Valves

Typical Unitrol 7000 Gas Valve.

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