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CDR Technical Services Ltd now offer an extensive range of versatile Robertshaw Gas Thermostats for heating and commercial applications. This range of Gas Thermostats are designed to provide control over a specific temperature range in your application.

The Robertshaw Gas Thermostat range R-GSseries and TGJseries operate using a snap action ON/OFF capillary diastat system which senses the application temperature. The FDTE is designed for Heavy Duty Gas Output Equipment. The Gas Thermostats such as the BJWA and BJWE use a throttle action and are ideally suited for oven applications.

Safety Approvals: CE, UL and CSA

Typcial Styles of Gas Thermostats available to the European Market

R-GSseries Gas Thermostats: The GS series Gas Thermostat operates using a snal action ON/OFF. This device can be used in conjunction with the Unitrol 7000 series (GO range) of multi-functional valves. The thermostat is designed for easy assembly, with 1/4" compression fittings.


GSseries Gas Thermostat

R-BJWA/BJWE Gas Thermostats: This range of Gas Thermostats are designed with a throttle action for oven applications. The combination gas cock and thermostat with adjustable bypass, the oven gas is turned on and temperature is made with a single turn of the dial.


BJWAseries Gas Thermostat

FDTE Gas Thermostats: This deviceis designed for Medium to Heavy duty range appliances. The FDTE Thermostat operates using a snap throttle, using internal valves to provide full ON/OFF operation. Designed to be used in 4 mounting positions

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