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Channel Products Inc have a comprehensive understanding of flame sense and ignition applications.  Part of our service is to provide helpful advice and complete solutions to customers every day. 

Ignition electrode and flame sense rod assemblies are available in numerous standard designs and can be engineered to any application.  Our electrode assemblies & flame sensing electrodes are CSA certified allowing for use in both North American and CE approved appliances. Here is a partial list of the options available: 

Integrated Wires, Terminals, Custom Connection Types, Alumina Insulators, Steatite Insulators, Glazed Insulators, Standard and Custom Bracket Configurations.

Typical Range of Electrodes available from Channel Products Inc

This design incorporate a Mounting Bracket and Flame Sensing Rod

Intricate Electrode Designs are available to suit any application 

Hot Wire Electrode Range

For assistance in selecting the right control for your application, please contact our Sales Team on 0151 524 2404

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